Any Continental Road Bike Tire Will Be a Great Value For the Money

It doesn’t matter if you are touring or riding in the mountains you want your equipment to handle the challenge. And that goes for everything on your bike, but one could argue the most important component are the tires. The tires keep you on the road, safe and stable at high speeds or rough terrain. So why not get the best value around and that would be Continental bike tires. Durable and reasonably priced. Great value for any cyclist.

The German-based Continental company has been making some of the finest bicycle tires for almost 140 years. In their founding days, the company made top quality bike and carriage tires, and since, Continental has expanded to include an automotive division. Their tires are equipped to handle the most arduous conditions and still deliver optimal performance. What could be more grueling than the Tour de France? This 3500 kilometer road race is the measure of a cyclist’s dedication and skill – how well it holds up to wear and tear is a good comparison. Continental not only rides with the best, they deliver results. Mark Cavendish, the best sprinter the bike world has seen in the past 40 years, rides Continentals. In 2009’s Tour, Mark won six stages, including the final day’s Champs Elysees stage. Just because a champion uses a certain set of tires doesn’t mean he is assured a victory.

For world class tires, you would expect to pay world class prices; for example basketball shoes endorsed by a pro player can cost you much more than you might suspect. No matter what your skill level is, Continental gives you pro quality but not pro prices. You could pay $150 for another leading brand, or you could save your money, get on the trail, and start breaking your own records. The choice is yours. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality. With Continental, the difference is that you get what you pay for and a whole lot more.

Don’t expect to pay all that much for quality tires from Continental? This depends in part on the type of biking you do. The City Ride Bike Tire, for instance, which Continental calls its “hybrid tire for recreational riding,” has a flatter profile for larger contact area on asphalt and a lower rolling resistance. One tire that can be used for a commuter and those on a restricted budget because it lists for roughly $24. You can save even more at some online retailers. A comparable tire for a mountain biker is the Eplorer. This tire, which is $20, has EndlessEdge tread for loose and muddy terrain and is ideal for cross-country and even marathon use.

You can easily have the best tires on your bike for under $50. But what if you need more than recreational quality (which is still exceedingly high with Continental)? Whether you need tires that can handle multi-day events or you need the tubulars for the best performance and traction, Continental again offers superior value. Their Podium Tubular Bike Tire, for instance, is a specially designed racing tire with a slim profile and durable tread. This is perfect for races against the clock, and it costs $60, which can be half of what other manufacturers charge.

2012 Bentley Continental GTC – A New Classic?

In today’s economic climate you would be right to consider that the luxury car market is in a state of depression or that sales figures heading downhill in these times of non prosperity, but the reality is far from what you might believe to be true. As sales in emerging economies like the Far East and Asia with countries like China and India seeing a steady demand for such luxury motor cars, like Bentley are now on the rise.

Bentley’s motor car pedigree really started to kick off with their development of high tech, powerful engines (of their time) coupled with his self designed chassis to make something very special for that time in the motor industry. With initial sales first generated from its first public appearance at the 1919 London Motor Show, eventually Walter Bentley designed and made production cars that went on to win the “Le Mans 24 hours” in 1924 and some of his later models went on to repeated those successes each from June 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930.

So it’s no wonder a motor car with a pedigree that has been built up from humble and successful beginnings with such meticulous, advanced engineering and design sees the Bentley motor car thriving in the 21st century and with a worldwide reputation for quality and luxury. The New 2012 Bentley Continental GTC is due to be publicly unveiled later this year with a launch date for sales production in early 2012, it has already got the automotive press and pundits around the world waiting in baited breath for an up close and personal look at the latest luxury convertible GT (Grand Tourer) sports coupé from the Bentley stable.

Bentley have completely re-designed the “Continental GTC” both inside and out, with a more refined sleeker design all over, with many new features to bring it right into the 21st century and what you would expect from a prestigious car like this. The interior sees a more contemporary design, with hand crafted luxury and features more leg room for the front & rear passengers, greater support in the leather seats and the sweeping dashboard features a more style simplicity of use. There is a new “infotainment system” which is touch-screen and features the very latest in navigation systems using Google Maps.

The Continental GTC has two new power-plant engine options, with a newly developed smaller capacity V8 tuned & designed to fall into line with the stringent European environment standards for this spec of car and an awesomely powerful 6 litre, twelve cylinder, twin-turbo, W12 engine developed by Volkswagen. Both engines are said to be able to run both standard unleaded petrol and the sustainable “bio-ethanol” (up to E85) or any mix of the two fuels, making this model far greener than previous models.

So from the information seen so far on the Continental GTC from the manufacturer’s latest updates, makes this a formidable combination of beautifully designed excellence and the pinnacle of automotive engineering, which really could make it a future classic.

History of Cooper and Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres and Cooper Tyres are synonymous with quality in the automotive tyre industry. Made with high quality products, with maximum mileage in mind, these two brands have established themselves as leaders in the field of automotive tyres. But what is the history of these great brands? How did they come into being, and emerge as the premier providers of quality tyres? This article will take you on a little trip through history, as it seeks to explore Continental and Cooper tyres and what makes them great.

Continental Tyres was founded way back in 1871 in Hanover, Germany. The company was established with the aim of supplying a diverse range of rubber products to a variety of industries. Early continental rubber products included bicycle and carriage tyres. In 1892 Continental became the first German company to manufacture bicycle tyres that where solely manufactured from rubber. In 1898 early motor vehicles came into being. Unreliable and often dangerous they proved to be highly popular with the wealthy and Continental found a new outlet for its rubber. The first car tyres produced by Continental where completely treadles, taking on a hair bend in the late 19th century could mean putting the driver’s life on the line. Between 1890 and 1900 the motor vehicle developed rapidly and the sport of motor racing began. In 1901, one the very first models of Mercedes equipped with Continental Tyres won the prestigious Nice – Salon – Nice motor race cementing its legacy. In 1904 Continental became the first company to release a tyre with tread cementing its legacy.

Cooper Tyres was founded in 1914 in Ohio by businessman Ira Cooper. The company expanded rapidly and by the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 the company has gained a reputation for quality. During the war years the company was converted from a civilian operation to a producer of military wares including pontoons, waterproof bags, landing boats and most importantly tyres. The company received a special dissertation at the end of the war for services rendered to the country. The Company grew in popularity and in 1960 was listed on the New York stock exchange. Cooper Tyres is now the ninth largest tyre manufacturer in the world and is only growing larger.

Continental Tyre and Cooper Tyres have contributed greatly to the evolution of the motor vehicle industry. The history of both companies is marked by success and innovation. As motorists we often pay more attention to the vehicle make or how fast it goes, hopefully this article has provided an insight into a simple product we often take for granted: the tyre.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance For Young Drivers? Read To Know

The cost of car insurance policy is determined by many factors typically examined by insurance companies online such as driver’s age, the location where he mostly drives a car on, the make and model of car, driver’s driving experience, etc. Insurance companies take into considerations these factors to figure out if driver will be a high risk. Usually, young drivers are considered risky as they are less likely to have good driving experience and skills. This is why it is challenging to qualify for cheap car insurance for young drivers. But, the interesting thing is that today many online insurance companies specialize in offering various discounts which you can earn to reduce your insurance cost or simply get cheap car insurance for young drivers. Before applying for insurance policy, it is advisable to get some knowledge about the same.

If you install security or safety devices in your car, you are less likely to get injured or your vehicle is less likely to get easily stolen or damaged. Many online insurance companies offer discounts for the same. Moreover, if you want to save money, you should think of joining a recognized driving course. This will improve your driving experience as well as skills and also could get you one more discount. One more way to get best affordable auto insurance is to drive less. If you drive less, the possibilities of accidents or similar circumstances leading to insurance claims will get reduced. Some insurance providers also offer discounts to students who score good grades. Besides, your driving location also affects insurance cost. Even make and model of car will affect what you will pay for insurance policy. Some vehicles are expensive to be insured while other cars are not too expensive.

Thus there are many aspects which you should work on to save money. But, most importantly, you need to locate insurance company which offers the most affordable auto insurance rate and also multiple discounts. One of the easiest ways to locate best insurance company in your local area which is willing to provide affordable car insurance with many discounts is to take free professional assistance of a reputable online car insurance service. These services which are closely connected with a huge online network of insurance providers that offer cheapest car insurance quotes will help you to get easy and quick access to best insurer.

The risk factor associated with you will affect your insurance cost significantly. So, it could be advisable to see if you can reduce the risk taken by insurance company by following some expert guidelines and improve your eligibility for affordable auto insurance rate. Get assisted by experienced car finance specialist to know what these guidelines are and how to get cheap car insurance for young drivers.

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