2012 Bentley Continental GTC – A New Classic?

In today’s economic climate you would be right to consider that the luxury car market is in a state of depression or that sales figures heading downhill in these times of non prosperity, but the reality is far from what you might believe to be true. As sales in emerging economies like the Far East and Asia with countries like China and India seeing a steady demand for such luxury motor cars, like Bentley are now on the rise.

Bentley’s motor car pedigree really started to kick off with their development of high tech, powerful engines (of their time) coupled with his self designed chassis to make something very special for that time in the motor industry. With initial sales first generated from its first public appearance at the 1919 London Motor Show, eventually Walter Bentley designed and made production cars that went on to win the “Le Mans 24 hours” in 1924 and some of his later models went on to repeated those successes each from June 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930.

So it’s no wonder a motor car with a pedigree that has been built up from humble and successful beginnings with such meticulous, advanced engineering and design sees the Bentley motor car thriving in the 21st century and with a worldwide reputation for quality and luxury. The New 2012 Bentley Continental GTC is due to be publicly unveiled later this year with a launch date for sales production in early 2012, it has already got the automotive press and pundits around the world waiting in baited breath for an up close and personal look at the latest luxury convertible GT (Grand Tourer) sports coupĂ© from the Bentley stable.

Bentley have completely re-designed the “Continental GTC” both inside and out, with a more refined sleeker design all over, with many new features to bring it right into the 21st century and what you would expect from a prestigious car like this. The interior sees a more contemporary design, with hand crafted luxury and features more leg room for the front & rear passengers, greater support in the leather seats and the sweeping dashboard features a more style simplicity of use. There is a new “infotainment system” which is touch-screen and features the very latest in navigation systems using Google Maps.

The Continental GTC has two new power-plant engine options, with a newly developed smaller capacity V8 tuned & designed to fall into line with the stringent European environment standards for this spec of car and an awesomely powerful 6 litre, twelve cylinder, twin-turbo, W12 engine developed by Volkswagen. Both engines are said to be able to run both standard unleaded petrol and the sustainable “bio-ethanol” (up to E85) or any mix of the two fuels, making this model far greener than previous models.

So from the information seen so far on the Continental GTC from the manufacturer’s latest updates, makes this a formidable combination of beautifully designed excellence and the pinnacle of automotive engineering, which really could make it a future classic.